In an age of new and changing media, rapidly evolving technologies and international design efforts, the need for a nimble, diverse design studio with myriad disciplines, capabilities and people is paramount. Because of this, the freelance designer is more relevant today than ever, and still trying to solve the paradox they have always faced - a thirst for independence and a need for stable income and secured workflow. Vescent Design answers that need.

We are a team of experienced freelance design professionals spread across the U.S. working with a shared vision of design excellence. Heading this team is Daniel Coates, a veteran art director with wide experience in the design and advertising world. Vescent Design projects are initiated and directed by Daniel with the rest of the team providing creative development, design and production support. Daniel oversees the project during outside development and production ensuring that quality is consistently high through each step.

At Vescent Design, we harness the energies of many talents, combine them into one vision and fuel a boiling pot of creativity that just keeps pouring out great work.

Daniel I. Coates

Beginning with a brief position at Memphis-based Bryce Corporation as a Graphic Designer in 1993, Coates moved from there to Burrell Communications then to Leo Burnett Advertising as a graphic designer, with the intent to fine-tune skills required to broaden and master the advertising and design craft. In an effort to round out his exposure to all phases of the Advertising industry, Daniel completed a 3-year stint with Rudolph Hirsch & Company a Memphis-based pre-press and engraving house.

Coates developed a pragmatic, client-oriented design philosophy that made the client’s needs and the ultimate success of the project or campaign, driving factors for creative and production. Through his wide experience in both advertising agencies and production houses, Coates came to appreciate the importance of research-directed creative conceived with an eye for the final production.

In 1997, Daniel joined Memphis based TRUST Marketing as Associate Creative Director and Senior Art Director, two years later he launched Design Continuum. In 2007, Coates reorganized Design Continuum into Vescent Design Studio.